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HIPPA Privacy Rules

April 14, 2003 is the deadline for health care providers to develop formal HIPAA privacy procedures and to begin notifying patients of their privacy rights.  All health care providers who transmit protected health information electronically for billing purposes are covered by the HIPAA privacy rules.  Required documentation includes policies and related forms/notices covering the following:
  • Intended Uses and Disclosures of Confidential Information
  • Permitted Access of Individuals to Confidential Information
  • Amendment of Confidential Information
  • Accounting to Individuals for Disclosures of their Confidential Information
  • Complaint Procedure
  • Access Restrictions to Protect Confidential Information
  • Physical Safeguards for Confidential Information
  • Internal Compliance Monitoring System
  • Employee Training
  • Discipline and Sanctions

See "HIPAA Privacy:  A Practical Approach" on this site for a more detailed summary of the HIPAA privacy rules.

The Chicago-based law firm of Golan Christie Taglia LLP works with health care providers to help them access reasonable HIPAA compliance solutions.  For complimentary sample forms and more information, contact


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